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  1. Registration to the association is free.
  2. Participation in the activities of the association is not mandatory.
  3. In case of participation in an exhibition, members agree to accept and respect the conditions. The exhibitor undertakes to pay his share within the specified time.
  4. An artistic committee composed of 5 members has the right of veto on the proposed works without having to justify its choice.
  5. Echiquier will remain in charge of the event and will make the operating budgets.
  6. Any work of a pornographic, racist or animal dignity nature will be systematically rejected.
  7. It is recommended that members propose exhibition places to the association. In such a case, Echiquier remains in charge of the project and will provide for the operating budget.
  8. It is desirable that the members put some representations of their work on the gallery of the association for free .

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